Florana Farms S.A. produces over 60 varieties of excellent roses, grown by our planting system in our agro ecological farms.

In each rose we mark our quality

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27 Sep19:36pm

We Blossom each day with quality products. Florana Roses fron Ecuador
We Blossom each day with quality products

We cultivate roses, tropical flowers and other products of excellence which have a huge acceptance in the international market. In order to provide a comprehensive service in the national and international market,we started our activities with the company Florana Farms[...]

27 Sep12:58pm

Production of organic roses
Production of organic roses

When I lived in Canada, I used to have businesses around the country and I always tried to support the Latin population, generating sources of employment. One day, I decided to come to Ecuador, with the purpose of developing employment,[...]

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‘Proud to work at
Florana Farms’



Aimeé Soto In charge of the Monitoring Group of diseases and pests

“I have 22 years in the company and it has been really successful. I started as Mr. Martinez secretary, then I occupied several positions and currently I work in the area of monitoring. My job is to analyze possible pests and diseases in all the farms.

I like to work with Mr. Martinez because he taught me how to be transparent and faithful to my job. He is a visionary entrepreneur and a hardworking businessman.

I could never imagined that the company would grow so much because it started with two hectares and now it has 45 hectares, all harvested. We owe our success to the labor force, the effort, the methodology and support of our team.

Florana Farms was always distinguished by the flower quality, the sales keep growing constantly, and it is amazing to see the progress.”



Consuelo Rodríguez Postharvest Quality Control

“My job involves a lot of responsibility, but I love what I do. I’ve been 11 years in the company. I like to take care of every detail, so that the roses can arrive safely abroad.

I started in Florana, working in the farms placing flowers in bunches, then I went to postharvest, classifying the roses; at the moment I am in charge of supervising the quality control in the postharvest process. When I arrived to Florana Farms, I did not know anything about processes, but my bosses taught me and trained me until I get to be really efficient. My next goal is to be supervisor.

Florana Farms, for me is an excellent company where the main priority is the quality, and that is the reason why it has a great demand in the international market.

In addition, in Florana Farms we receive good treatment; they care for us, because we are a team. I feel very motivated to continue working in this important enterprise”